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Aluminum Recycling

About Aluminum



Aluminum is derived from mining the mineral Bauxite. It is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, but it requires tremendous amounts of electricity to turn Bauxite into aluminum. Recycling aluminum saves energy.



Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and can be combined to form aluminum alloys with different strengths. Silver in color, aluminum’s reflective qualities make it an important element of mirrors.


Recycling Method

Although aluminum loses none of it’s qualities through recycling, recycled aluminum is referred to as secondary aluminum.


Types We Buy

  • Cast BBQ Grills, Ladders, Gutters, Lawn Furniture, Row Boats
  • Siding, Screen Doors, Window Frames (No Glass), Awnings
  • Radiators, Transmissions (No Oil), Wheels, Various Auto Parts
  • Extrusions, Turnings, Manufacturing scrap
  • Alloys 6061, 3003, and 5052


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